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Valerian 50ml

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Valerian 50ml

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Quick Overview

Valerian is being used for hysterical situations, overexcitement, insomnia, migraine, cramps, colic of the intestine, rheumatic pains, dysmenorrhoea and nervous situations. Its main uses concern tranquilizing and soporific reasons, while at the same time it is used as an antispasmodic and a tranquiliser. It is also prescribed for concern and neurological disturbances of sleep. Valerian is even used as a tranquiliser during day in cases of extratension.

Product Description

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) belongs to the Valerianaceae family. In Greece it is called valeriana, nardos, agriozamboukos, alenea, asprofilos. Valerian is a hardy perennial plant whose root remains alive even when sprouts and leaves are dry.It reaches up to a height of 40cm-2m.

Its leaves are compound and quilled and its flowers are small white coloured or rosy that form dense inflorescences. It grows in wet and cold areas and it is self- sown in particular regions of Greece. It blossoms from summer until autumn.

It is known from antiquity. We can come across references in Plinius and Dioscourides. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to use this herb as a painkiller, diuretic, anticough or as medicine to cure asthma. From 18th century until nowadays is used as a nerve system tranquilizer.

Plant parts, mainly its root and leaves, are used for therapeutic purposes.

We can use the leaves in weight loss. But, as we have mentioned, the main therapeutic action of Valerian is found at its root.

It contains essential oil, isovaleric acid, alcalics, esters, amylum, sugar, rhitine e.t.c.

Root’s main action is tranquilizing, hypnotic, anti-spasmic, and hypotensive.

Its tranquilizing action is attributed to valeric acid.

It is advisable to nerve system diseases as nerve tonic and tranquilizer. It can be used with safety in case of spasm or epilepsy in order to reduce anxiety and stress, hysteria, insomnia or overexcitation.

As muscle relaxant can be used in order to be delivered from cramps and intestinal colic. In addition, Valerian, can be used as general painkiller when pain is related to nervous system hypertension or in case of migraine. It can be combined with other herbs for better or more specified results, as Skoutellaria, Passiflora (Passiflower), Hop and Camomile.

The proper dose is 2gr per cup with maximum daily dose 6gr.

Boiling time: 15 minutes


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