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Ginkgo biloba 50ml

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Ginkgo biloba 50ml

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Quick Overview

Ginkgo biloba is used for thousands of years. Today it is lthe top in sales of herbs in USA and Europe. The leaves are the part of plant that is used and there are powerful scientific elements that prove its anticoagulating attributes, its effectiveness in improving peripheral circulation and circulation of glucose in the blood. Other beneficial effects concern the decrepitude of memory, depression, side effects of chemotherapy and decreased libido.

Product Description

Ginkgo Biloba originates from China where it is called Bai Guo Ye. Parts used are leaves and fruits.

Ginkgo Biloba is the most ancient tree of our planet. It is estimated (by fossils) that it appeared 180-200 million years ago. It thrives everywhere but after the ice age it was limited in regions of Northern China. It reached in Europe and America in 18th century. It is a very beautiful deciduous tree that lives over than 1000 years under suitable conditions. The word “Ginkgo” in Japanese means “silver apricot”. It is cultivated in plantations along the streets and it is tolerant to sulphur dioxide. Male trees are more frequently planted because the fruits of the female tree have unpleasant odour.

Ginkgo Biloba contains flavonoids and terpenoids, diflavones, dilobalide, catechines, flavones, flavonols, glucosites, ginkgolides, cetons, and steroids.

Ιt acts as anti-age, anti-allergic, anti- asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-PAF( a factor that activates plaits), it protects the heart, it stimulates circulation and it reduces cholesterol levels.

Ginkgo is known for its properties. It is believed to improve blood circulation and supply the brain with oxygen, improve mental state, and help problem resolution and good memory. In case of senile dementia, Ginkgo is very useful when administrated in the first phase. It also helps in case of Alzheimer.

It increases the circulation to the limbs, relieves from feeling of cold, improves walking ability and reduces muscular cramps in feet.

Ginkgo’s positive effect on circulation helps prevent sight problems of older people and treat macula degeneration. Macula is the central part of the eye retina and it is specialized for high acuity vision. Macula degeneration can lead to a hole in the visual field.

Ginkgo also reduces blood cholesterol levels and the heart attack risk. Its anti-PAF action reduces allergic reactions that cause bronchus spasms and lung inflammations. It relieves from the sense of constriction in the chest and breath whistle. Ginkgo Biloba cannot be combined with antithrombotic pharmaceutical treatment and should not be taken in case of fever. Results appear after regular use for some weeks. It cannot be combined with other herbs and prolonged use should be avoided. It should be taken for 3 months with one-week-pause every 15 days. Daily dosage: 6-12 gr. It can be consumed as a decoction after 15 minutes boiling time. It can also be administrated also as tincture (45 drops, 3 times a day).

*Sakis Kouvatsos, “Haniotika nea”

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