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Couchgrass 100γρ

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Quick Overview

Couchgrass is considered to possess diuretic attributes. It has been used in cystitis, prostate malfunction, non-malignant hypertrophy of prostate, kidney stones and more specifically in cystitis with irritation or inflammation in the urethra.

Kouvatsos Philippos Clinical dietician-nutritionist

Product Description

Couchgrass (Agropyron repens) belongs to the Poaceae or Gramineae family. Other names are Twitchgrass, Quickgrass, Doggrass, Quackgrass. In Greek it is called agriada, aglosso, aoustas, wild eri, agropyron, argasti etc. It grows in cultivated or wild land, gardens and mounds and in altitudes of up to 2000m.


It is a perennial, self sown plant with long, dense roots. Its leaves are narrow, linear and pale yellow to green colored. It grows from 10cm to 50cm tall. Several types can be found in different regions. Linear and rope-shaped grow in sandy soils. Shore grass grows in seaside areas until the mountainous zone and transitional grass grows in the lower zone. This weed is troublesome for gardeners and cultivators, yet it can be used as pasture or hay. It also binds soil on sandy areas. Ancient Greeks described a plant with the same properties named agrostis or argosti, which belongs to the genus Cynodon and is known today in Greece as agriada (Cynodon dactylon).


Its medicinal properties are known since the 1st century AD, as they are mentioned in Dioscorides’ work..


Couchgrass contains mucilage, triticin (a fructosan polysaccharide), 8%, inositol 3%, mannitol, fixed oil, vitamins A and B, vanillin glycoside, saponin, vegetable glue, silicon potassium, iron and small amount of volatile oil, which mainly consists of agropyrene, a substance showing broad-spectrum antibiotic activities.

Properties and uses

Couchgrass is a useful medicinal herb and it is mainly used in remedies for prostatitis. It is demulcent without side effects. As a diuretic, it helps regulate the kidney function, detoxify the body and lower the blood cholesterol level. It can be used in the treatment of hepatic colic, bile duct stone, jaundice and cellulites. As an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it can also be used in the treatment of urinary infections, such as cystitis, urethritis, and prostatitis, as well as rheumatism and skin diseases. It may also be used for kidney stones, gravel and night urination. For hypertension problems, it can be used on its own or combined with olive tree leaves or beech sprigs. In case of cystitis, urethritis, or prostatitis, it can be combined with Bearberry or Achilea. Triticin is a substance similar to insulin and it can help in the treatment of diabetes. French herbalists use its leaves to stimulate the liver and the gall-bladder.


To prepare a decoction, put 2 teaspoonfuls of the cut rhizome in a cup of water, bring to boiling and let simmer for 10 minutes. This should then be filtered and drunk three times a day.

*Sakis Kouvatsos, “Haniotika nea”

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