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  1. Almond oil 100ml


Avocado oil 100ml

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Avocado oil 100ml

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Avocado oil

Product Description

The latin name of the plant is Persea Americana and it belongs to Lauraceae family. We meet it under the names Avocado and butter pear. Known in Chania, seeing that our region is thought to be, and in fact it is,the basic area where this valuable tree is being cultivated. For the very first time it was found in 1968 in the Institute of Subtropical Plants and Olive trees of Chania. First commercial plantations took place in 1974 in the plains of Chania. The 90% of Greek production comes from Chania where there are 50.000 trees in an area of 2.500 m.


Its leaves are elliptical to oval and red-coloured in the development phase. When they grow up they are green in the upper part and dim green in the lower part. Its blossoms are white and yellow concentrated on the top of the sprouts. On each sprout are formed over than 1000 blossoms but finally only 1or 2 fruits are appeared. The shape of the fruit is oval with a long conic green neck.

It thrives in regions where thrive citrus trees and especially lemon trees. The productive life of the trees lasts approximately 35 years.


It is estimated that avocado is being cultivated for 10.000 years. It was discovered in the tropical regions of Mexico and Guatemala, where the indigenous cultivated the avocado seeing that its fruit was the main ingredient of their nutrition.

They used traditionally the fruit as aphrodisiac and its seed as contraceptive.

Meanwhile, it was diffused I United States and in South America and also in Israel and Australia.

Avocado was appeared in Europe after the 2nd world war. Firstly, it was cultivated in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Active substances

Avocado contains important oils and vitamins. It is a good source of the vitamin E which consists an important antioxidant and contains the necessary fatty acids.

The fruit acts as antioxidant, nutritive, which restores our skin, hair and nails. It is possible that its leaves help to the hypotension and its seed is used as contraceptive. However, it is believed that extended use of seeds for this purpose can cause sterility.


Several parts of this tree are used for therapeutic reasons, for instance in order to face anemia, hepatic problems, hypertension, colds, headaches, and diabetes.


The internal part of the fruit it is administrated in the phase of the treatment to restore the balance of our organism. It is appropriate for poor skin and weak hair. Its leaves can be used as herbal tea to face colds, fever, hypertension, hepatic diseases, and painful menstruation. Its seeds can be used as a herbal tea to face asthma or as contraceptive and to cure a snake-bit.

The external part has benefits for skin and weak hair, while its life can be used as a plaster to face headaches, rheumatisms, and strains. Avocado oil consist an excellent oil- base for a massage.

The establishment of avocado in our nutrition on an everyday basis will help our skin and hair health. In addition, due to its antioxidant properties acts preventively against cancer and heart diseases.

Avocado, like olive oil and almonds, has high concentration of the same fat ingredients which contributes potentially to reduce cholesterol.

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