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Slight insomnia mixture

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Slight insomnia mixture

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Quick Overview

The mixture for slight insomnia include chamomile and lime leaves.

Product Description

Who has not ever suffered from insomnia for at least one night? Daily stress or our anxiety for something that we have to do next day can keep as asleep the whole night or maybe we cannot sleep deeply and peacefully. If this insomnia problem does not appear very often, there is no reason to worry.

But if it results in a permanent situation and our organism starts to suffer, then we have a health problem. This is because most of our body therapeutic and revival procedures take place during sleeping. Sleep disorders have therefore important impact to all these procedures that can lead to a health disorder.

If we would like to avoid sleeping-pills that can help us to sleep, we can use relaxing and nerve tonic herbs whose action is enough to allow to natural sleep procedure to take the control.

The most effective sleeping herbs are Humulus, Piscidia Erithrina, Passiflora (Passiflower) and Valerian. Piscidia Erithrina is particularly useful in case that insomnia is cased by pain.

If we suffer from insomnia (that is not caused by pain), we can use a mixture that consists of 6 equal parts of Passiflora(Passion flower), and Valerian. This mixture is prepared as an infusion. In a cup of boiling water we add two teaspoonfuls of dry herb, we cover it for 10 minutes and then we filter and drink it before sleep. If it is necessary, we can increase mixture intake in order to have better results. Mixture is safe but no one can take excessive intake of these herbs.

Most of relaxing and nerve tonic herbs assure a quiet and normal sleep. Camomile, Common Linden and Clover are especially effective and their taste is nice. We drink it before sleep in order to relax and to get relieved of anxiety and finally sleep deeply and peacefully.

Another way, in which herbs can help us to relax and to sleep, is to apply them on our skin while taking a shower. This method is particularly effective for children. A shower with Common linden before sleep can help the child to sleep peacefully, while a shower with Camomile can help in case of teething problems, when teeth start to appear.

Older persons can use Valerian in the following way (in which we can also use all others herbs).

In a litre of boiling water add one or two handfuls of Valerian roots and let it covered for half an hour. Then, drain the water and add it in the bath-tube. We can also do foot bath and hand bath. You can create a peaceful environment by turning off the lights or by reading something pleasant, relax and have a nice sleep.


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